Freelancer Time Management

Simple, easy and understandable. Both for the client and for the freelancer.

The idea behind Smart Freelancer

Cost-effective and smart
freelancer time accounting

You employ one or more freelancers and usually receive Excel lists or PDF documents from them at the end of the week or month and have to check each of them individually.

With the freelancer, errors may creep into the formulas, cells are not linked correctly in the addition. If you get the time statement as a PDF, you have to recalculate everything by hand to check it.  

You don’t have an overview of all the work done, unless you go through all the Excel or PDF files and use them to create statistics about the particular project or activities. 

You pay the freelancer(s) different hourly wages, depending on the activity and the project.
Keeping track is difficult.

Our solution

Smart Freelancer

We have tried many freelancer management tools ourselves. Most of the tools were either too expensive, too complex, too crowded with unnecessary features, too complicated for the freelancer or all of the above. That’s why we designed our own solution, which mainly includes the following features and saves time and stress for all parties involved.

Easy to use

The freelancer must not spend more time than if he/she would fill in an Excel sheet as before. The freelancer has/have no desire to log into a virtual work account and be monitored.

Simple billing

The client can confirm each performed and submitted activity with a few clicks. After that, the freelancer can no longer edit them. As an agency, you have the possibility to mark each activity that you in turn have already charged to your clients.

Smart togetherness

Both the freelancer and the client have the possibility to see a clear evaluation via the platform. No more numerous sheets and PDFs from which you have to pick out everything. There are fewer queries and misunderstandings.

Smart presentation

With Smart Freelancer you can easily, with or without filters, view compact but meaningful statistics. Who has worked on each client or project, when and for how long, and charged for a service there. The freelancer will be motivated to work with this tool because of its numerous features.

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Easy review of billed services on a client and/or project basis.

Agency bonus: Overview of positions that the freelancer has billed, but you have not yet billed against the end customer.

Simple and clear evaluation of projects, work categories and individual time periods

Central administration and overview of all employed freelancers, project overlapping

Where Smart Freelancer makes the difference


The freelancers are deployed on projects from your clients

You employ one or more freelancers. You invoice your client for their services.
All freelancers send timesheets to you, possibly in different formats, listing their respective services. 

Besides being error-prone, it takes time to review and validate all submissions so you can bill the client accordingly. In some circumstances, the respective freelancers receive different compensation, whether based on the activity or the project.

With Smart Freelancer, you have a smart overview of the profits made, where the expenses for the freelancer are compared to the hourly rates and billings to your client. You can mark any activity that you have already billed to your client and keep track of it.


The freelancers work directly for you on respective projects

You employ one or more freelancers.
All freelancers send timesheets to you, possibly in different formats, listing their respective services. 

Besides being prone to errors, it takes time to review and validate all submissions.

You want to have an overview of which freelancer has billed for which services (project, activity description, in an individual period) and when (week, month, year or individual period).

Our clients
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